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The demand for IT solutions in companies is constantly increasing. To meet this demand, you should think about virtualization. For business managers or IT managers, virtualization offers a number of benefits that you can not expect from traditional IT systems. They enable you to build up a certain structure and grow with it.

Control & Availability

Virtualization simply saves money. Instead of buying multiple physical servers, you only buy one physical server. This saves initial investment and running costs: less hardware, fewer problems, less power consumption. On the technical side, CompuFriend works together with the market leaders, so that you get good and well thought-out, future-proof solutions from us. Talk to us, we are happy to discuss this with you in detail and to answer any questions you may have.

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Reasons why you should think about virtualization.

Virtualization abstracts IT resources by adding an extra layer between application and hardware. This makes it possible to emulate and virtually provision services, operating systems, or hardware. For the user, the virtual object behaves like a dedicated hardware or software object. CompuFriend virtualizes its IT environments to respond quickly and flexibly to customer requirements and deliver the services you need online.

Cloud Computing

Electronic crime is on the rise. Traditional criminal organizations have now discovered the potential of electronic crime and are increasingly active in this area.


Computer viruses are programmed by criminals to use for illegal purposes. There are now botnets with several thousands of infected computers used for such illegal activities.


With sophisticated firewalls, reliable on-going installation of updates, intrusion detection systems and policy policies, we provide the IT and security necessary network and computer security for your business.

Interaction of Business and IT

IT planning is the phase in which business and IT come together. The goal is to define an IT landscape that best suits your individual business needs, helping to maximize your company's business success. We at CompuFriend act as mediators in this phase.

What do we pursue for a goal?

Our planning pursues the goal: to define IT projects in such a way that they are perspectively attractive and valuable for business operations. According to our credo, reliability and predictable functionality should be in harmony with your company policy and remain both cost-effective and flexible.


Our employees are highly qualified and offer our clients a wide range of skills. Our passion and commitment make the difference. Contact us if you want to know more about us.

Steffen Lindemann

Network Technology & System Integration

Tel: +49 (0)3843 685508

Guido Brockmann

Network Technology & System Integration

Tel: +49 (0)3843 685508


CompuFriend Topics

As an employer and partner to the IT industry, we understand our impact on the lives and careers of our employees and the performance of our customers. In order to do our best, we pursue topics that are important at both industry and organizational and personal levels, and participate in them.