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We develop individual software

If you want to develop an individual software that works well and does exactly what it should, you have to understand processes, recognize logical connections, and know exactly what it is all about. It needs a look. This can only be achieved if all involved parties deal with each other openly and constructively. We are used to that, and we can promise: If you know the task, then we know the solution.

Software Development

Conception & Coding

It is important to us to take the time to familiarize ourselves with the challenges you are facing. Contact our office to discuss what we can do together to ensure that you achieve your goals and are ahead.

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Our software development services.

Software development is a blanket term, behind which hides a wide range of services. Specifically, we offer the programming of individual software - this can be done at a fixed price or billed at cost. We take care of requirements management, develop implementation concepts and offer quality assurance in all areas.

Individual Software

The focus of CompuFriend is the development of individual software at a low fixed price. We develop Windows and web based software solutions with these development tools:

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (C#, C++ und JAVA)

We specialize in the following databases:

  • Microsoft SQL-Server
  • MySQL

In addition to competence and many years of experience in software development, we have in-depth business management and technical knowledge and are thus able to familiarize ourselves with specific areas of expertise.

On this basis, we offer individual, tailor-made and high-quality software solutions that we can seamlessly integrate into existing software environments.

Windows Applications

Depending on your wishes and requirements, we create our solutions either as a Windows or as a Web application. We are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable technology.

Regardless of the type of user interface, we design and design applications to the latest technical requirements. We focus in particular on the multi-layer model and a service-oriented architecture. This allows the software to grow with future requirements and be optimally integrated into existing systems.

Programming is done with C # and on request also in JAVA or C ++.

Web Applications

Nearly all tasks that previously required a native Windows application can now also be implemented as a web application. The differences lie in the technology of the user interface, the basic technologies in the back-end are identical. The main advantages:

  • Web applications are platform independent, so usually z. B. also from smartphones and tablets from usable.
  • Web applications can be accessed from anywhere with network access.
  • Web applications do not require a local installation; a web browser is sufficient.
  • Since the application is located in a central location, updates are very easy to do.

Whether you want a conventional application or a web application is up to you - we are happy to give a recommendation in the view of the task.


Our employees are highly qualified and offer our clients a wide range of skills. Our passion and commitment make the difference. Contact us if you want to know more about us.

Dipl.-Inf. Marcel Bertz, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Programming & Application Development

Tel: +49 (0)3843 685508


CompuFriend Topics

As an employer and partner to the IT industry, we understand our impact on the lives and careers of our employees and the performance of our customers. In order to do our best, we pursue topics that are important at both industry and organizational and personal levels, and participate in them.